About Us

Longtime Key West resident, chef and musician Mick Kilgos was born in Kankakee, Illinois, 45 miles south of Chicago, where the train “City of New Orleans” began its trip south to Louisiana. After many years of touring across the U.S. and Europe with numerous well known acts, this consummate sideman and road warrior landed in Key West, Florida in the mid 1980’s where he maintained a busy schedule of music, mostly with his friend Bill Blue and his band “Bill Blue and the Nervous Guys.” Mick also continued to follow his lust for New Orleans style cooking working as a chef in several of Key West’s finer restaurants.

1990 brought the closing of Mick’s favorite haunt, the Full Moon Saloon and the birth of the Key West Bean Company and Mick’s Original Key West Caribe Beans, an idea spawned over many late night martinis. The mid 90’s took Mick on the road with Bill Wharton aka “The Sauce Boss”…. The guitar slinging, Gumbo Evangelist from Tallahassee, Florida. They logged thousands of miles in the U.S. and many trips to Europe, serving gumbo to thousands of people along the way. Mick also worked for years with boogie piano master Barry Cuda, at the now famous BO’s Fishwagon in Key West, Florida, home of the best fish sandwich on the planet “The Square Grouper.” 2012 brings in 22 years of the Key West Bean Company in Key West, Florida. Mick and his partner Nancy Jordan are pleased to bring you Mick’s Original Key West Caribe Beans and Mick’s Original Key West Caribe Chipotle Olives always striving to offer the finest of quality and tradition.  Thanks for your continued support and enjoy!

Mucho, Gusto and Olivio!
Mucho and Gusto (the Caribe Bean twins) were born at the Caribbean Deli in Key West, Florida in 1990. Chef Mick has a passion for New Orleans style food and wanted to share his passion on his island home, hence the birth of Mucho and Gusto. The Caribe Bean twins have enjoyed wild popularity as the most popular condiment in your Key West Bloody Mary and can be found island wide. “They’re hot but they’re not” is a slogan that perfectly fits the flavor of these delectable delights.

Of course, once you open the jar, it’s hard not to just eat them all as a healthy snack alternative.
Olivio is the newest arrival to the family.  With his smoky chipotle flavor, his presence in your favorite cocktail adds a welcome surprising kick. Add a bit of the brine from the jar to your Dirty Martini or Bloody Mary and enjoy!